Fath Abad Garden in Kerman as a Tourist Attraction

Fath abad Garden or Biglar Beygi Mansion in Kerman

The Fath Abad garden as a Tourist Attraction is related to the Qajar period, located 25 km from the center of Kerman, the city of Ekhtiyar Abad. This garden is a model for the construction of the Shazdeh Mahan Garden. In addition to the main mansion, with two floors in the center of the complex and in the north of the main pond, there are four seasons in mansion in the west.

Fath abad Garden or Biglar Beygi Mansion

Fath abad Garden or Biglar Beygi Mansion

Fath Abad Garden as a top attraction in Kerman

The Fath Abad Garden dates back to the Qajar era and has been repaired in recent years. Fath Abad Garden of Kerman is today known as one of the top attractions of Kerman, so it was dubbed Kerman's most attractive attraction in 1396. When you visit this collection, note that you should experience both day and night. The Fath abad Garden has gained popularity for the night and its special lighting. Due to the large lighting at the side of the pond, this idea is created for the planes that the Kerman airport is located at there. This valuable work is on the national list of Iranian art.

The pattern of Fath abad Garden(Biglar Beygi Mansion) is taken from the Shazdeh mahan Garden. This garden is one of the best and largest gardens of medicinal plants patrol in Iran. The building of the Fath Abad Garden Building is 1,500 meters and covers an area of ​​13 hectares. It is a combination of European and Iranian architecture, and there are various gardens and agricultural lands around it. The Fath Abad Garden is a symbol of the paradise that Hassan Sabbah promised to his followers in Alamut Castle. A large pond with an area of ​​approximately 60 meters is at the beginning of your entrance to this garden and reflects the main building in a magnificent dip in which attracts photographers. Nowadays the garden is one of the attractions of Kerman city and the rooms of both houses can be booked and rented. Also, entertainment services are also being held in the open air and mansion rooms in recent years; one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Kerman.

Architecture and garden buildings in Fath Abad Garden

Main Mansion of Fath Abad Garden

The main building of the Fath abad Garden(Biglar Beygi Mansion) is located on the north side and has two main floors. This building, with its three-door and five-door rooms, has a magnificent view on both sides of the mansion and among the complexes. The materials used in this building are all of mud and mortar and a layer of gypsum is covered. The interior of this garden also has gorgeous stucco. The rooms of this monument are decorated in the style of the traditional Qajari rooms and are uniquely illuminated, the most famous of which is the Shah's room. On top of the entrance to the main building, there are circular apertures in which the magnifying glasses in the past were placed inside it to reflect the light of the lights that worked with the wind at night in the building.

There is a painting room in the main building of Fath abad Gardens, where the governor of Kerman stayed in the past. There are many valuable paintings and wall-paintings around here.

The Governor's Museum is one of the most valuable parts of Fath abad Gardens, because Kerman's history can be found in detail in which a collection of biographies and pictures of the rulers of Kerman is presented.

Four Seasons Mansion

If you move from the main building to the size of thirty meters to the east, you will see a Four Seasons Mansion with a floor, a central dome and columnar porches with a special effect on the garden complex. The bricks and plasterings of this structure are so beautiful that their watches take intelligence from the visitors and make them admire the Iranian art.

Fath abad Garden Addresses:

Fath Abad Garden, Ekhtiar Abad, Havanirouz Boulevard,Jomhouri Boulevard, Kerman city, Kerman Province